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Patient Participation Group

High Pastures Surgery Patient Participation Group was established in 2011.  It currently has 33 registered patients, and a small number of staff members.  The formation of the PPG was advertised, using a variety of methods in the Surgery to be as far reaching as possible.

Advice was sought from the National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP) organisation as to the most effective way of achieving this.  Posters were displayed, leaflets were available in the Surgery, and patients were also informed via the telephone when contacting the Surgery.  We have tried to include a wide selection of the Practice Population, and to achieve this we formed a Virtual PPG.  As a result, we have patient representation in the age ranges from 20 to 80 years, who are free to email us at any time, and are contacted periodically to obtain their views on current issues.  We hope to encourage a positive relationship between the patients and the Surgery staff alike, in both clinical and administrative areas.  We would like to think that our PPG is a voice for our patients, who can be realistic about what we can achieve, and provide us with any small changes or ideas that could make a real difference to the Surgery.

Key priorities raised by the PPG relate to patient access both via the telephone and also on-line access for booking appointments.

During January - March 2015, the Surgery conducted a survey incorporating concerns raised in previous PPG discussions.  The survey consisted of 6 questions which were PPG led.  It was rolled out over a 3 month period, again to incorporate a wide selection of the patient population.  Approximately 1% of the practice population responded to the survey.

Due to the constantly increasing Practice population, High Pastures Surgery is constantly working to improve our services and facilities, with the help of its patients and staff.  A copy of this report is available from the surgery or by following the links below.

acrobat.gif High Pastures Surgery - Survey  Results 2015


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