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Mental Health Resources

You may have been advised to contact one of these support services. Similarly you may want to look into options yourself 

There are many support service available locally and nationally to support those of our patients who may be struggling with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, bereavement or feeling abnormally stressed. 

We would encourage all our patients who may be having such problems to contact one of the relevant organisations listed here. 

IN A CRISIS / Mental Health Emergency  please follow one of these options depending on the situation


  • call 999 or 111
  • contact or go to the nearest A&E who have a 24/7 mental health crisis team on call
  • contact Merseycare 24/7 Crisis Line 0800 145 6570

0-18 YRS

  • call 999 or 111
  • contact or go to Alder Hey or Ormskirk Hospital Children's A&E
  • Contact the Alder Hey Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) 24/7 crisis line on 0151 293 3577 or 0808 196 3550

In less urgent situations please contact the organisations above and see our leaflet for further information

Parents and carers can self refer to Alder Hey Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team by following this link

KOOTH supports older children  and young adults (11-25) who may wish to safely contact the organisation themselves 

Our mental health support leaflet with all the information in one document can be found here 

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